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NRA Board Elections

You may have already received your ballot from NRA for the 2018 Board Elections. All NRA Life Members as well as those who have been members for five years or more are eligible to vote in the board elections.

Eligible NRA Members may cast a secret ballot for up to 25 candidates running for seats on the NRA Board of Directors. Those who receive a print magazine will find their ballot bound in the February issue of the magazine when it arrives. Those who are signed up for a digital magazine will receive their ballots in the mail.

  • Every voting member has the right to vote for up to 25 of those running.
  • Any ballot marked for more than twenty-five will be discarded.
  • A member is not required to vote for the full twenty-five.

2018 NRA Ballot

The NRA Board consists of 76 members. Twenty-five are elected each year as their three year terms expire and the seventy-sixth Director is elected by members voting in person at the Annual Meeting for a one year term.

The NRA Nominating Committee reviews incumbent and new candidates seeking Board election or re-election and nominates a number in excess of the twenty-five found qualified and who would, in the opinion of the Committee, add to the Board. This year the Nominating Committee nominated 32 candidates including 24 incumbent members and 9 potential new members. In addition 2 non-incumbent candidates were nominated by petition and are running without the endorsement of the Committee.

When the votes are counted, the top twenty-five vote getters will be elected for a three year term and the results of the election will be announced at the Annual Meeting in Dallas.


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